Cold And Flu Defense

Cold and Flu defense can be simple, natural and healthy.

The simplest, most effective, proven cold and flu defense is hygiene.

More specifically paying special attention to the way you wash your hands and other neglected but simple natural hygiene therapies like nasal irrigation.

Most people think viruses fly through the air then into your nose or mouth. If that were true then the best cold and flu defense would be vitamin C and anti-viral drugs.

But viruses like the cold and flu don't fly – they hitchhike.

You usually pick up droplets of a cold or flu virus from hand to hand contact or from objects like doorknobs, telephones or tables.

Over 90% of cold and flu viruses enter your body when you touch your eyes or your nose with your fingernails.

So cold and flu defense rule number one - don't touch your face with your hands.

Your fingernails carry more viruses like the cold and flu than any other part of your body.

The skin under your fingernails lack the horny layer that protects other skin on your body. Combine this with the actual nail and you create a safe, warm place for cold and flu viruses and bacteria to survive.

Washing your fingernails regularly is crucial as a first line of cold and flu defense.

Regular, effective hand washing helps reduce your chance of inoculating yourself with a cold or flu virus and helps you avoid passing a cold or flu virus on to someone you know through hand to hand contact.

So cold and flu virus defense rule number two – wash your hands regularly and pay special attention to washing your fingernails.

Using hand washing as an effective first line of cold and flu defense can be more complicated than it seems on the surface.

You need to use the right kind of soap and you can make several potentially dangerous mistakes when you wash your hands.

Also washing your hands is just the beginning.

Other therapies like nasal irrigation are vital if you want natural, powerful cold and flu defense.

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